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Why chose Russian volume eyelash extensions?

Posted on 2 May, 2016 at 10:25
These are carefully hand made fans whether it be 2D, 4D, 6D etc, and are placed individually to each individual natural lash.  This type of treatment requires advanced skill, and attention to detail and this technique being so challenging should only be done by a Master Lash Artist.  It takes approximately 2/3 hours to apply a set of these lashes, depending on the look you want to achieve.  Beautifully hand made fans are applied one by one 100's of times to create a stunning set of voluminous lashes.  It is certainly not easy to make these fans, and does require a lot of patience which is how I've earned my Master title in Lash Artistry.  The look you can achieve is truly beautiful and the best part is that these eyelash extensions have a much better staying power.  The bond of the glue to the lash holds better because the lashes are so fine, so you will find your lashes still looking almost perfect after 3 weeks. All that is needed is replacing the fans which have grown out as well as applying new fans to your new natural lashes that have grown through since your last appointment.  Speaking of maintenance, if you'd like to keep your lashes ongoing, maintenance should be done within 3 weeks in order to keep them neat and uniformed so that they are always looking perfect, and if you want a break you can have them soaked off within 15 minutes.  Never attempt to soak off your own lashes, I've heard many horror stories about clients being told they can remove their lashes with baby oil and yes you must not get oil on your lashes because it causes the glue to break down but this is not enough to soak off your lashes correctly. 

There is also a misconception that Russian volume lashes are overly dramatic and over bearing but if you go to the correct Lash technician, you will be advised of the length curl, volume and styling of the lashes that will suit YOUR individual needs and the look you want to create.  I have a lot of clients with dramatic volume but also many that have natural looking volume eyelash extensions.  If you are someone who likes big dramatic lashes, you can certainly have them providing your natural lashes can handle the look you want.  You will be advised of what kind of weight your lashes can handle.  In a nutshell, the more strong natural lashes you have, the more dramatic you can go.  

I also want to address that if applied correctly using minimal amount of glue, and your natural lashes are separated properly by a qualified and experienced Lash Technician, they will not ruin your natural lashes. If you do not pick or pull your lashes out and have them removed professionally, you will see that your lashes will be in the same condition they were in before you had the extensions on.  My clients lashes are still in the same condition as they were when they started.  Hair does naturally get thinner over the years but extensions have been adapted to hold the correct weight for the lashes that you have. The eyelash industry is constantly growing and has come a very long way in the last 3 years, techniques are constantly being updated as to not ruin the natural lashes.  Some technicians don't update their skills and therefor are unaware as to how to provide a service with current practises.  This results in some of the horror stories you may have heard.  I love being a Master of what I do therefor find it is very important to update my skills and have even re trained so that I can learn new skills  from numerous teachers that I follow.  It is very important to do your homework when choosing your Lash Artist, making sure they are fully qualified and insured to firstly provide the treatment they are offering and also check that they have pictures of their work along with client testimonials. 

I hope this blog has answered your questions about Russian volume lashes and put your mind at ease when considering whether to have them or not, feel free to contact me directly if you would like any further advise.  

Happy Bank Holiday
Sahar Makeup & Lash Artistry

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